Slow Fashion is the future

Slow Fashion is the future

Why is Slow Fashion important to Smith Bowen?

Slow fashion is the start of a green movement with the ideology that humans can have a positive influence on how they choose to affect the world around them. Using the power of choice . 


Slow Fashion is an approach to producing clothing which takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, aims to respect all people, and the environment. It means spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece of apparel is hand-made using high-quality materials and eco-friendly low impact production. As well as considering how the product will end its life . Products are made of natural fibres, such as organic cotton, linen, and silk for example. These are biodegradable and do not pollute the water systems or over flow the land fills . All colored designs are hand dyed using non toxic botanicals or the fabrics are grown and produced with color . This creates a full circle approach to the design process. Our aim is to create a circular economy with the lowest impact . We are better together. 


Smith Bowen only creates slow fashion 

1. The Designer Renée develops her drawings in her home studio where members of her artistic family are consulted . 

2. Once drawings are rendered Renée considers the best fabric choice for the design .
Fabric is sourced, looking for certified organically grown cotton(GOTS), linen and silks. The certification guarantees no chemicals are used .

3. A first pattern is created and sewn . Then a meeting with the local patternmaker and fit model to determine proportions and styling . 

4. Each piece is hand-made by local sewers who run home-based businesses in Vancouver.

5. When the product is made, it sometimes needs to be hand dyed . This is done in the home studio dye house using natural plant materials that create gorgeous color . All items are checked for quality Then the item is packed in compostable & biodegradable packaging .  Mailed  through the local Canada Post Office with an option to choose carbon neutral shipping . 

6. Once your piece is finished its' life you can compost and it will biodegrade returning back to soil where it came from . The lowest impact possible . 


Our mission at Smith Bowen is simple. We encourage customers to be thoughtful and intentional about their clothing, choosing pieces that are healthy for both you and your environment. With love . 


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