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About Smith Bowen + Our Philosophy

Smith Bowen is an all organic, pure bra and underwear brand thoughtfully and carefully hand-made in Vancouver, BC. 

Moving through the world slowly and mindfully, respecting everything and everyone that exists. At Smith bowen we consciously try to connect the planet, people, and animals with our brand. Remaining transparent about our process to our customers is important to us.

When designing we always consider the end of life first for our garments. How can we avoid garments ending up in the landfill? The end goal is to achieve a closed-loop circular economy. Creating the lowest impact possible. Everything is connected.

To achieve this we're using the most beautiful eco-certified organic materials grown without harmful chemicals, toxic dyes, or GMO seeds. Working with these amazing materials allows our garments to be returned to earth at the end of their life . We encourage this with our wild flower seeded hangtags that help to establish the composting . Cultivating soil to soil lifestyle.

By making all of our products locally, we're able to maintain a low impact. When checking-out customers are given the option to off set their shipping to neutral reducing their carbon footprint .

At Smith Bowen we set high standards for ourselves. 

We prioritize consistently making changes as a brand to maintain our sustainable and ethical standards.

Paying living wages and supporting local social enterprises that ensure our work environment is safe and ethical for our workers.

Everything we do, is to create, improve, and do better for you and the planet.  Create pure beauty. 

About the designer: Renée

 A lover of all things magical and soft from old vintage fabrics, lace and ribbons to her snuggly pet pug Gilligan. Through years of working in the fashion industry, I became more aware of the complex fast fashion problems and decided to launch a sustainable, organic eco-friendly brand to give conscious customers a healthy choice. How and what you buy sends a message that you care.

This is my own role in creating change for the better. Expanding and deepening public consciousness to the situation in fashion, the toxic chemicals we absorb,  the working conditions of women & children and the impact it has on earth .

 Live wild !   Live Pure !