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"I collect lingerie and I’m obsessed with it and the way that it makes me feel ... thank u for giving me the perfect vulnerable little set I can’t wait to use it for intimate shoots and intimate moments" Germany


"You’ve created such a gorgeous line and I can’t wait to share with the world. They remind me of an Eric Rohmer film which is what I strive to have my life feel like"    LA


"they feel how my heart feels when I am comfortable in my sexuality and my womanhood"  NYC


"I just love your stuff - you put in so much love and time into each one of your pieces and it really shows. I was just so blown away when I received mine!! Thank YOU for letting me be apart of you guys! I really believe in what you believe in."  Vancouver 


"Biggest love to you, my family loves this set all the girls in the family are dying over it!"  NYC