How to hand wash your underwear

How do I wash and care for my Smith Bowen Garments?

Care Instructions in order to preserve the life span of your garment:

  • Washing by hand

    • Fill up your sink 
    • Use eco friendly, biodegradable soap. If you see the word fragrance, stop using it . Fragrances are "proprietary" that means no one knows whats really in them
    • fill with cool to warm water
    • Wash gently in sink 
    • Flat lay or hang dry
  • Do not dry clean (degrades yarns & bad for the environment)

  • Do not bleach (also bad for the environment)  can cause a compromised immune system if inhaled

  • Do not use sodium laurel sulfate or ammonia. These can easily get absorbed by your skin and cause : Chronic irritated skin and rashes 
  •              Hormone imbalances and reproductive issues
  •  Always Iron on low

  • Hang dry or flat dry

  • Do not use softener {more chemicals}
  • How we choose to care for our clothes mirrors the broader issues of how we care for our bodies and the environment. Detergent manufacturers aren’t mandated by law to list ingredients on labels . Find the healthy way for you and the planet, live pure