Smith Bowen

We are more than a lingerie company. We are an organic cotton lingerie company that makes non-toxic quality essentials with your safety and sustainability in mind.
We offer ultra-feminine products that are free from plastics, toxic dyes, and fossil fuel polyester/nylon laces.

We aim to provide options for those that are looking for products that 

Are. And. Do. Better.

At Smith bowen we see a greater awareness of people consciously looking for products without chemical sensitivities that can affect overall daily health.

When we are aware of our under layers , the closest things next to our delicate bodies skin, we hope more people will choose organic .

When engaged in a more sustainable lifestyle your part of this change: from detoxing your  body,  to keeping  families & animals  safe. This in turn, keeps the planet spinning.

All our products are uniquely created with  low- waste in mind . Products are made from coloured organic cotton seeds or  botanically dyed fabrics. Thinking about the future we created products that biodegrade at the end of their life. Each item comes with a hangtag filled with wild seeds . This starts the composting cycle for regenerative practices.

Choosing soft ORGANIC fibre helps protect your health and the farm workers from chemical exposure. Most of them women & children. 

It protects our water systems and supports a more circular future for agriculture. Cotton & linen are sturdier, softer and have a  longer-lasting quality. Silks are dreamy , if you have never woren silk you must try it once . 

Perfect for underwear. Perfect for you.

Shipping with zero plastic packaging and offering carbon-neutral offsetting at check-out.

Help create change in the clothing industry.

We want to do better together. 
Are you with us ? 


live pure in smith bowen 



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