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Why smith bowen?


We are more than a lingerie company. We are committed to sustainability and safety.

We offer products that are free from toxic chemicals, toxic dyes, and fossil fuel polyester/nylon.

We aim to provide options for those that are looking for products that Are. And. Do . Better

There is a greater awareness of chemical sensitivities that effect our overall daily health .Our products really help to eliminate those fears. There is a need to redefine what we buy and how we think about our first under layers , the closest things to our bodies skin. Our customers are people who want to engage in a more sustainable lifestyle. From detoxing their bodies to keeping their families safe, in turn the planet as well. All are products uniquely create zero-waste. Made from colored organic cotton seeds and botanically dyed fabrics our products will biodegrade at the end of life. Choosing soft organic fibers protects your health and the farm workers from chemical exposure. It protects our water systems and supports a more sustainable future for agriculture . It’s sturdier and longer-lasting high quality . Perfect for underwear . Perfect for you . 
We use zero plastic packaging and offer carbon neutral off setting at check-out.   There is a need for change in the clothing industry . We want to do better together. 

live pure!



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