How to compost your under layers

Composting steps that help create soil to soil lifestyle :

  • prepare under layers for composting in your garden, or any garden you have access to by first fully wetting the underlays with seeded hang tag and then the garden .
  • establish area where you dig into the soil about 6" deep , place items in and cover with soil and hang tag . 
  • Fully water again the area and then repeat weekly depending on amount of rain.
  • Anywhere from 3 to 6 months under layers will decompose by bacteria and micro organisms because only ecological materials were used in the process. Even dyes are earth friendly .
  • This is possible when no petroleum based materials or toxic chemicals are used  in the smith bowen creative design cycle.
  • This is a slow fashion process , be patient.
  • We would love to answer any questions you might get have about your compostable garments . Any feedback is helpful . 

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